Pioneer Lakes Residential Estate

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Connect with Family, Friends & Nature in a safe, peaceful community that brings harmony to the soul.

Residential Estate in Mackay

Pioneer Lakes, Mirani QLD 4754

Pioneer Lakes Mackay Estate

This is Living

Why Choose Pioneer Lakes

Lower Cost of Living

House prices are cheaper and the overall cost of living is less compared to living in the city.

In addition, the rural community of Pioneer Lakes Estate may offer a more laid-back and affordable property lifestyle for families, with access to conveniently located amenities and community events at a lower cost than in a city.

Lower Crime

Statistically, the crime rate is lower in the rural community of Mirani when compared to Mackay.

This may be due to a variety of factors, such as lower population density, fewer world economic and social problems, and a greater sense of community pride and social connectedness. Living in Mackay’s safest day-to-day land estate can ensure a more peaceful working time without stress.

Cheaper Insurances

Expect to save money on the cost of your home & contents and auto insurance.

The lower population density in a rural location such as Pioneer Lakes Estate may result in fewer accidents and lower insurance claims, leading to lower insurance premiums. At any stage in life being able to save money today, tomorrow and the next day is a massive convenience.

Less Traffic & Pollution

Fewer vehicles and industrial areas equal much less traffic and better air quality.

When searching the map for a better area to live in, a rural setting such as Pioneer Lakes Estate may offer cleaner air and less number of pollutants, as there are fewer industrial and transportation-related sources of pollution compared to a city environment.

Close Knit Community

Residents are friendly, with family values and positivity surrounding the community.

The smaller population and close proximity of neighbours may foster a sense of home community and encourage social interaction and connection. Pioneer Lakes Estate is not just another place on a map, it’s a rural community, where neighbours may be more likely to know each other and be involved in community service and events.

Less Stress & Better Health

This is the result of living in a slower-paced community with better lifestyle options.

Overall, living in a rural community such as Pioneer Lakes Estate may provide a more peaceful and healthy environment, with fewer environmental stressors that are common in urban lifestyles.

Quality House and Land Packages

This is Living


Builders at Pioneer Lakes Estate

These home builders have a good reputation, well implemented building methods and years of experience in the Mackay Estates. They have demonstrated an excellent track record in building homes with an eye for details in accordance to the Pioneer Estate guidelines, taking into consideration the local surroundings and climate building requirements.

Gemini Homes, Hotondo Homes, Esprit Constructions, Dixon Homes and The Reef properties.

Enjoy The Relaxed Atmosphere of Pioneer Lakes Residential Estate, Mirani QLD

This is Living

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Pioneer Lakes Residential Community

Only a short walk or bike ride to the heart of the Mirani township in Mackay North Queensland, Pioneer Lakes is nestled within a scenic rural backdrop, framed by the mountains which form the edge of the Pioneer Valley.

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